Who are we?

Кто мы

Who are we?

NOAH Pride is a non-political, non-profit organization. We support the LGBT community of the Transcaucasia countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Our foundation cooperates with the largest human rights organizations of the World.

Who do we work with?

We are against violence and discrimination in any form. We help women who are facing domestic violence, lesbians, gays, transgender people, bisexuals, people with HIV infection.

Why here?

We are against any borders - geographical, political, social. There are more of us. Increasingly, we are talking out loud about what used to be taboo. Same-sex marriages made in royal families, HIV infection is no longer the plague of the XXI century, a politician from the entire civilized world speaks about gay rights. But there are still a lot of unsolved problems  in Transcaucasia, despite the fact that the region has chosen the Western model of development. A step forward has already been made. Our task is to show that the protection of LGBT people is not just the words of politicians, and the explosions in gay clubs and the hard dispersal of peaceful actions are sustained in the past. “We supported the revolution, made our step, now let the leaders of the revolution support us and our freedoms.”