Sexual revolution on the Island of Freedom: Cuba are going to endorse gay marriage

The Cuban Parliament approved the draft of the new constitution of the country, according to which marriage is the union of two people, regardless of their gender.

Now the draft of the main law of the country is the approval of residents in a referendum. Prior to that, the lawmakers will consult with them for three months. The previous constitution was adopted in Cuba in 1976 and states that the Island is building Marxist-Leninist socialism. In the new wording of the basic law, the word “communism” is absent in principle.

The news about the approval of the future constitution caused a flurry of joy in social networks, in particular, among LGBTQ activists.

“This is wonderful. I am so glad that young people will be able to take advantage of this achievement, while we could not,” said 70-year-old Pablo Navarro, who had to spend two years in a labor camp on reed harvesting because of his sexual orientation.